BAND, OIL TANK – GT250, T350. BATTERY – A100, AP50, GT185, GS1000G, GS850, GS750, GP



Oil tank rubber band / strap for GT250 and T350.

Overall length 164mm. Length of rubber strap 144mm.

Battery retaining band for GT185, AP50, GP125, GP100, GS850 and GS750.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 09462-00007.


A100 4 TO N, A50 1/2/L/M, AP50 M/B/DB.
GP125 C/N, GP100 D.
GS1000G T/X, GS850G N/T/X.
GS750 C/N.
GT250 ALL, GT185 ALL.
T350 R/J.