BOOT, MASTER CYLINDER BANJO – GS1000, GS850, GT750, GT550, GT500, GT380, GT250, X7, X5, GT185


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Rubber boot. This covers the brake master cylinder banjo bolt. Please check the angle of your original boot matches the photo.

Please note that this part is a lot thinner rubber than the original.

It can be a very tight fit on some master cylinders.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 59711-49001. Old number 59711-18400.


GT750 K TO B, GT550 K TO B, GT500 A/B, GT380 K TO B, GT250 ALL, GT250 X7 ALL, GT200 X5, GT185 L TO C.
GS750 B/C/N/DC/DN, GS1100, GS1000 C/N, GS1000G T, GS850G N/T/X, GS550 X/Z.
GP125, GP100.