CAP, OIL FILLER – GSF1200, GSF600, GSX1300, GSX-R, GSX750F, GSX600F, RF, SV650



Oil filler cap.

For ‘O’ ring, see below.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 09259-20008. Old numbers 09259-20012, 09259-20015.


GSF1200 T TO K2, GSF600 S TO K2.
GSX1300R X TO K2, GSX750F V TO K2, GSX600F V TO K2.
GSX-R1100W P TO W, GSX-R750 T TO K1, GSX-R600 V TO Y.
RF900R R TO W, RF600R P TO V.
SV650 X TO K2.

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