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Carburettor repair kit. Contains 98 main jet, number 25 pilot jet, Y49 needle, float needle valve assembly,
air screw, air screw ‘O’ ring and spring, float bowl gasket and carb top ‘O’ ring.

This is a quality kit, made in Japan. Not to be confused with the cheap kits available from ebay.

Stock main jets are:
L model – 97.5 left and right, 95.0 middle. Pilot jet #25.
M model – 100.0 or 102.5, all cylinders. Pilot jet #25 or #30.
A/B models – 102.5 or 105.0. Note – the parts information we have suggests 105 for the left cylinder and 102.5 for the right hand and middle. Pilot jet #30.

See below for alternative jets. These are extra cost. The carb kits are sealed.

Please note that you will have to ensure that the jetting is suitable for your machine. Discountbikespares will not be responsible for any damage caused by
incorrect jetting on your machine as a result of using this kit. All jetting specifications are from Suzuki parts catalogues, based on stock engines.

CONDITION: New, pattern part.

PART NUMBER: 13200-34111.


GT550 L TO B.