DISC, FRONT, L & R – GSF600, GSX750F, GSX600F, RF600R, RGV250, SV650 (PATTERN)


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DESCRIPTION: Front brake disc. Fits left and right.
100% stainless steel rotor, alloy centre hub.
Hand built by trained engineers, these are no production line mass produced product. British made discs using German mill rolled precision stainless steel rotor blades mounted onto lightweight alloy centre hubs using the EBC patented SD square drive button technology. Square drive buttons resist loosening and prevent vibration common with low cost circular rivets or buttons. Rotor blades are diamond cross-ground for ultra smooth flat finish for fast and perfect pad bed-in. All EBC discs are 100% inspected for accuracy and runout. New pads must be installed.
Pattern part, made in the UK.
CONDITION: New, genuine EBC part.
GSF600 S TO K4.
GSX750F K TO K2, GSX600F K TO K2.
RF600R P/R/S/T/V.
RGV250 J/K/L.
SV650 X TO K2.