GASKET, EXHAUST – RG500, RG125, RGV250, GT250, X7, X5, GP, GS, GSX, T250 (PATTERN)


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Exhaust down pipe gasket.

CONDITION: New, pattern part.

PART NUMBER: VEG017. REPLACES 14181-01D00, 14181-11010, 14181-11020.


GP125 C/N.
GS1000 C/N/S, GS1000G T/X, GS850G T/X, GS750 B/C/N, GS500 K TO K6.
GT250 ALL, GT250 X7 ALL, GT200 X5.
GSX1100 T/X/ET/EX, GSX1100S Z, GSX750E T.
RG500, RG125 FN TO FR, RGV250 M TO T.
SP370 C/N.
T250 II/R.