GASKET, FORK LEG BOLT – GSF1200, GSX750F, GSX600F, GT750, GT550, GT185, GT125, RF900, RF600 (PATTERN)



Fork leg gasket. Approximate dimensions 8.3mm ID x 13mm OD x 1.5mm thickness.

CONDITION: New, pattern part.

PART NUMBER: Replaces 51148-36011, 51148-31010, 51148-31030, 51147-36010, 51148-34010.


GSF1200 T TO K6
GSX750F K TO K6, GSX600F J TO K6.
GT750 L/M/A/B, GT550 M/A/B, GT185 L, GT125 L/M/A/B.
RF900R R TO W, RF600R P TO V.
RGV250 K TO T.
SV650 K3 TO L1.

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