GASKET, FUEL TAP BOLT – GT750, GT550, GT380, GT250, GT200, GT185, GT125, GS, GP, GSX, GSF, AP, RG


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Fuel tap bolt gasket. 5.5mm ID x 13mm OD x 1.5mm thickness.

Fits the bolt that fixes the tap to the petrol tank.

For GT model fuel tap bolts, see below.

Fits the crankcase cover bolts on some models.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 09168-06023. Old number 09168-06010.


AP50 M/B/DB.
GP125 C/N, GP100.
GS1000 C/N/S, GS1000G T, GS850G T, GS750 B/C/N, GS550 C/N, GS500 K TO K6.
GSF1200 T TO K6, GSF600 Y TO K4.
GT750 ALL, GT550 ALL, GT500 A/B, GT380 ALL, GT250 A TO C, GT250 X7 ALL, GT200 X5 ALL, GT185 ALL, GT125 ALL.
GSX1100S Z.
GSX-R1100 G/H/J, GSX-R750 F/G/H.
RG500, RG250 WE/G/H.
SP370 C/N.

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