HOSE, SRIS / OIL – GT750, GT550, GT380, X7, X5, RG500, RG250 (2000MM LENGTH)


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Hose. 2mm ID x 5mm OD x 2000mm length.

SRIS hose for GT models. This will do all three pipes.

Oil pump to engine for RG500, RG250, X7 & X5 models.

Can be cut to size. For 600mm length, see below.

See below for clips.

For GT750 SRIS hose protector spring, see below.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 09352-20503-00B. Old numbers 09343-02005, 09343-02006, 09343-02008, 09343-02009, 09343-02011, 09343-02012, 09343-02013, 09343-02014, 09343-02036.


GT750 ALL, GT550 ALL, GT380 J TO L, GT250 X7 ALL, GT200 X5 ALL.
RG500, RG250 WD/WE/G/H