LEVER, CLUTCH – GT750, GT550, GT380, GT250, X7, X5, RE5, T500, T350, T250 (PATTERN)


In stock


Clutch lever.

This is a pattern part. The rubber coated ball end is slightly longer than the original.

CONDITION: New, pattern part.

PART NUMBER: 536061. Replaces 57620-45010, 57620-31010, 57620-45020, 57620-11011, 57620-11010, 57620-29400.


GS750 B.
GT750 ALL, GT550 ALL, GT500, GT380 ALL, GT250 ALL, GT250 X7 N/EN, GT200 X5 N/EN, GT185 ALL, GT125 L/M/A/B.
T500 ALL, T350 ALL, T250 ALL.

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