PIN, SPLIT, CARB / BRAKE ARM – A100, A50, AP50, GT MODELS, T500, T350, T250



Split pin. 15mm length x 1mm diameter.

Fits the front drum brake cam lever arm pin, the carburettor throttle slide stop rod and the starter (choke) link rod.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 04111-1210A. Old numbers 04111-12108, 04111-12088.


A100 4/K/L/M/N (carb stop rod), A50 1/2/L/M (carb stop rod), AP50 M/B/DB (carb stop rod).
GT750 J (brake), GT550 J (brake), GT500 A/B (choke rod), GT380 J (brake), GT250 K/L (carb stop rod), GT185 K (brake).
T500 ALL (brake), T500 1 TO K (carb stop rod & choke rod), T350 ALL (brake, carb stop rod & choke rod), T250 ALL (brake, carb stop rod & choke rod).