RACE, STEERING HEAD, INNER – GP, GS750, GT750, GT550, GT500, GT380, GT250, X7, X5, GT185, GT125, T500, T350, T250, RL


In stock


Steering head stem / yoke ball bearing race. This is the inner race and fits inside the headstock.

For the smaller GTs, this is for the lower fitting only, so check for correct fitment below.

For the other races, see below.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 51611-33002. Old numbers 51611-33001, 51611-16500.


GP125 C/N/X, GP100 D (lower only).
GS750 B/C/N (upper & lower).
GT750 ALL (upper & lower), GT550 ALL (upper & lower), GT500 ALL (upper & lower), GT380 ALL (upper & lower), GT250 ALL (upper & lower), GT250 X7 ALL (lower), GT200 X5 ALL (lower), GT185 ALL (lower), GT125 ALL (lower).
T500 ALL (upper & lower), T350 ALL (upper & lower), T250 ALL (upper & lower).
RE5 (upper & lower).
RL250 (black engine).

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