SPACER, RAM AIR CUSHION – GT550, GT380, GT250. BATTERY BOX – GT750, GT550, GT380, GT185


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Spacer. Fits ram air cover cushion and/or battery box bracket cushion, depending on model.

6.1mm ID x 8.0mm OD x 12.0mm length. These are slightly shorter than the original part number
when used for the battery box cushion, but are the official superseded part number.

For cushion, screw or bolt (depending on model), see below.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 09180-06249. Old numbers 09180-06035, 09180-06040.


GT750 ALL (battery box cushion only).
GT550 ALL (Ram Air & battery box), GT380 ALL (Ram Air & battery box).
GT250 K TO M (Ram Air only).
GT185 K TO A (battery box cushion only).

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