SPACER, REAR LAMP BRACKET – A100/50, AP50, GT750, GT550, GT380, GT250, GT185, GT125, T500, T350, T250


In stock


Spacer. 10mm OD x 8mm ID x 8mm length.

Fits the rear combination lamp bracket.

For some models, this only fits one location, so please check the dimensions before ordering.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 35766-37110. Old number 35766-15010.


A100 4/K/L, A100 M/N (front only), A50 2/L (front only), AP50 M (rear only).
GT750 ALL, GT550 ALL, GT500 ALL, GT380 ALL, GT250 K/L/M/A (front & rear), GT250 B/C (rear only), GT185 K/L/M/A (rear only), GT125 L/M/A (rear only).
T500 ALL, T350 ALL, T250 ALL