SWITCH, IGNITION – GSF1200, GSF600, GSX750F, GSX600F, GSX-R750, GSX-R600, TL1000R


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Ignition switch.

6 wire block connector with the following wire colours: brown, red, black/white, grey, orange, orange/yellow.

Two keys supplied.

Good quality pattern part.

For bolt, see below.

Please check the block connector and wire colours are suitable for your bike. Please check your model year carefully.

CONDITION: New, pattern part.

PART NUMBER: 7059538 / 6543. Replaces 37100-33E20.


GSF1200 K1 TO K5.
GSF600 Y TO K4.
GSX750F W TO K4.
GSX600F W TO K1.
GSX-R750 T/V/W/X.
GSX-R600 V/W/X/Y.
TL1000R W/X.