SWITCH, IGNITION – GS750, GT750, GT250, GT185, GT125, T500, T350, T250



Ignition switch. Complete with two keys.

Four wires, red/orange/grey/brown.

For metal locking ring, see below.

CONDITION: New, genuine Suzuki part.

PART NUMBER: 37110-31017. Old numbers 37110-31011, 37110-31012, 37110-31013, 37110-31014,
37110-31015, 37110-31016, 37110-15110, 37110-15111, 37110-15112.


GS750 B.
GT750 ALL, GT250 ALL, GT185 ALL, GT125 ALL.
T500 R TO M, T350 R/J, T250 R/J.

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